ML Bass Cabinets

With the new ML112 Series II, we’ve taken an already great cab and made it even better. Portability was improved by making the cab shorter front to back. Higher quality components in the new crossover design make the upper mids and highs sweeter and clearer. Larger ports improved air flow, while modifications to our custom Eminence woofer increased power handling over 25% in the lower frequencies. This cab was designed to let you hear every nuance of your playing with clarity, even in the busiest stage mixes. Simply put, the ML112 Series II is one of the very best performing 112 cabinets available on the market today.



Drivers: 1- Custom 12” neo woofer w/ 3“ voice coil, 1- 6” neo mid driver
Power Rating: 350 watts      ratings explained here
Impedance: 8 ohms
Sensitivity: 97 dB
Frequency Response:     52Hz - 7kHz (-3dB)
Usable Freq. Response:  40Hz - 8kHz (-10dB)
baer amplification cabinet promotionDimensions: 23 1/4”w x 16 1/2”h x 16"d *
Covering: Heavyweight Black Cougar Vinyl
Weight: 37 lbs.


ML212 Bass Cabinet


Direct Price: $835


Optional Equipment:

• Padded nylon cover

* with installed side and bottom feet

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