Baer Amplification is proud to introduce the VALKYRIE. Featuring our amazing Trans-Hybrid Preamp, this versatile design allows you to choose between the punch and precision of an entirely solid state bass amplifier, or the rich overtones and harmonics of a tube hybrid design. Freedom of choice at the push of a button!

The VALKYRIE’s solid state preamp was designed to sound warm, rich and fat, while remaining full of upper end clarity and definition. This is the natural sound of your instrument, reproduced accurately and powerfully, without a lot of coloration and hype. Loud and punchy, with all the raw power and low end presence of a locomotive. What more could you ask from your amplifier?

For those craving a little more personality, our innovative tube circuit was designed with one clear goal in mind. Deliver all the dynamics, harmonic overtones and growl that only genuine tubes can bring to your sound, while maintaining a tight, punchy low end that never loses focus and definition. The result is a variable tube drive circuit that always remains quick and coherent at all levels of tube saturation.

Other features include an extremely musical and precise EQ section, studio quality DI and 2 ohm capability. Combine all this with 850 watts of pure class A/B power and the VALKYRIE is equally at home whether your gig is an intimate little jazz club, or a stadium packed with 50,000 of your closest friends.

Recipient of Bass Gear Magazine's
Winter NAMM 2010 Award
for Outstanding Amplification!

POWER OUTPUT: 850w @2ohms, 635w @ 4ohms, 350w @ 8ohms
INPUTS: Passive 1/4” input jack, Active 1/4” input jack w/ -10dB pad
PREAMP: Solid state, discrete transistor
TUBE SECTION: 1 - 12AX7, 1 - 12AU7 tube amplifier circuit
Deep: +/- 6dB @ 45Hz
Bass: +/- 10dB @ 80Hz
Low Mid: +/- 10dB @ 100Hz to 800Hz
High Mid: +/- 10dB @ 800Hz to 3.5kHz
Treble: +/- 10dB @ 4.5kHz
Bright: +6dB @ 7.5kHz
Two Neutrik Speakon connectors. Minimum load 2ohms
DI - XLR w/level control, pre/post EQ & pre/post tube
1/4” tuner out jack.
1/4“ Serial effects send and return jacks
1/4” Line Out jack
COOLING: Thermostatically controlled fan speed circuit
MUTE: Operation via front panel switch, or optional footswitch
DIMENSIONS: Standard 2U rack unit, 19”w x 3.5”h x 14”d
WEIGHT: 26lbs.
WARRANTY: 3 year limited

MSRP $2,499

Optional Equipment:

  • Amp Head Case in Vinyl
  • Padded Head Case Cover
  • Mute Footswitch
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